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We’re an award-winning e-commerce agency who have been pioneering e-commerce experiences for over 20 years, helping to build, optimise and scale online businesses.

An Award-Winning E-Commerce Design Agency

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We are more than an eCommerce agency or systems integrator; we are an award-winning experience design agency obsessed with building solutions for better customer experiences. We build long-term partnerships with our clients, helping them design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

We understand that your e-commerce platform is critical to your online business, and it could be holding you back. If your current eCommerce platform doesn’t play well with other key systems, is hard to manage, takes too long to roll out improvements and is expensive or difficult to upgrade, we can help you plan a strategic, future-ready way forward. We can help to ensure your e-commerce platform is reliable, flexible, and scalable, ready to seize new opportunities as your business grows and adapts to ever-changing customer expectations.

Our E-Commerce Services

We help digital teams design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

Let’s Talk About Your E-Commerce Ambitions

E-Commerce Problems we solve

We help B2B organisations, B2C retailers and pureplay eCommerce brands to answer these two key strategic questions:

  • Is an eCommerce replatform the only way to improve the experience and performance of my eCommerce website?
  • Is composable commerce the right solution/strategy for my business?

Whilst an e-commerce replatform may be the most economical and sensible option – our experienced e-commerce agency team can help you understand if there are other ways to quickly improve your existing e-commerce platform with initiatives like:

  1. User testing to inform a frontend UX refresh
  2. Improving onsite search and merchandising
  3. A/B testing and optimisation experiments to improve conversion rates
  4. Checkout and payment modernisation
  5. Using customer data more effectively for personalised experiences and recommendations
  6. Implementing conversational commerce.


E-Commerce Replatforming


If the software vendor no longer supports your existing e-commerce platform, or your e-commerce platform has been customised so much it can’t be upgraded economically, and your business cannot innovate fast enough, it may be time to replatform.

If you need an e-commerce agency to help you answer these questions objectively and become your long-term partner, we can help.

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About Us - The Profound way

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Customer-First E-Commerce Agency

At Profound Digital, everything starts with the customer. Only once we understand the experiences your customers and business users want, and what the strategic goals of your business are, can we start having insightful conversations about the right technology mix for the future and the operational change required. This is why our e-commerce agency team will begin with a tailored, consultative Discovery engagement before starting any implementation work. Learn more about Profound Digital.

Discovery and definition

Delivered by our experienced Strategy and Consulting eCommerce agency team, our Discovery phase typically lasts around a month. It will focus on five key areas: your customers, your brand, your business, your technology landscape, and your data.

At the end of Discovery, we will have defined the future state customer experience, the technology to enable it, the operational changes and investment required to get there, and any technical proof of concepts needed before making any significant investment in technology licensing or implementation.

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Digital transformation and implementation

Our high-calibre, cross-functional delivery team will design and build your new eCommerce solution. The size and shape of your eCommerce agency delivery team will depend on the outcomes of Discovery, the speed of transformation required, the complexity of integrations and the level of involvement from your delivery teams – we are incredibly comfortable augmenting our team with clients' delivery teams.

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Support and continuous improvement

Modern eCommerce websites should continuously evolve using insight and customer feedback to improve experiences and stay ahead of competitors. Our Support team are here to keep your site performing smoothly post-launch, whilst our eCommerce Optimisation team will help you plan and execute a strategic roadmap of continuous improvements and CRO initiatives.

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Our eCommerce technology partners

We will only recommend technology that’s right for your business. However, we only partner with next-generation, best-of-breed eCommerce platforms (often referred to as composable, headless or MACH technologies). This principle enables us to design unconstrained experiences whilst architecting flexible eCommerce ecosystems that can scale and adapt as your business grows or changes.

  • Commerce platforms

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  • Search and discovery

  • Order management

  • PIM and DAM

  • Loyalty and reviews

  • Conversational commerce

  • Content management

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