Reimagining Retail Commerce

Module 1 in the Headless Commerce Masterclass

Retail focus has been shifting towards ecommerce and digital over the last decade. Now, the impact of COVID-19 has radically accelerated this shift. However, adjusting to this pace is one thing, standing out from the crowd is another.

Key takeaways

  • Understand the significance of Customer Experience in a highly competitive digital landscape
  • Consider ways you can innovate and differentiate your brand proposition from disruptors and competitors
  • Understand how new technologies and approaches can help you gain greater insight about customer behaviour and how to leverage this
  • Recognise how an API-first approach provides more freedom to innovate digitally

Welcome to the first module in our headless ecommerce professional development programme: Reimagining Retail Commerce.


This module is an introduction to headless ecommerce. It assesses how the retail market has changed as a result of new digital technologies, and how disruptors use this to their commercial advantage. Above all, it aims to challenge you to think creatively about the ways you can differentiate your customers’ retail experiences.

How can you reimagine the customer relationship using creative and innovative digital concepts?


Businesses that want to survive must do more than adapt to the pace. They must innovate digitally; they must reimagine retail commerce.

  • Approach ecommerce creatively
  • Understand which behaviours drive customers to touchpoints
  • Create a unique Customer Experience


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Reimagining Retail Commerce is the first module of the Headless Commerce Masterclass. To download this and the rest of the Masterclass content please use the form provided.

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