We are Profound

Profound is a digital experience design agency. We are a little bit more human, a little bit different and we know our clients appreciate that. We enjoy being a trusted partner, helping remove the pain that surrounds implementing technologies and helping our clients create awesome experiences for their customers.


Passion and flexibility

We are a passionate team that cares about delivering successful business outcomes. Our core services span Experience Design, Digital Transformation, Technology and Digital Consulting across B2B, B2C and D2C scenarios.

Putting the customer experience at the heart of every decision permeates all our work. Using validated customer evidence we give you more confidence in your decision-making. From customer journey and behavioural insights to our award-winning UX design and technical development, we provide a very differentiated approach. You’ll be working with a high-calibre team with backgrounds in technology and digital strategy consulting, global ecommerce, creative and UX design, customer research and technical delivery.

Above all, clients like us because we are likeable, talented, effective and we add value.

Trust - brands we work with

We are widely considered a “safe pair of hands” – the trusted partner for businesses like Interflora, Autoglass (Belron), Unilever (multiple FMCG brands), Saint-Gobain, Planet Organic, LGC Genomics, Protyre, Computacenter and Accenture. This is reinforced by long-standing relationships where we deliver continuous improvement – an account-managed service supporting digital marketing teams and their strategic aims.

We bring over 20 years of digital and customer experience pedigree to provide the insights, design and technical expertise that will help your Marketing, Ecommerce, Digital and IT teams achieve their objectives.

Kind words from some of our clients...

Profound helped us to deliver a first-class result in terms of an e-commerce website re-design, system integration and ongoing optimisation. In its first full month the conversion rate from a mobile device doubled year on year and all objectives were met in spectacular fashion. We also now have a better branded site that gives the consumer added reassurance. With 67 % Revenue Growth, 64 % Profit Growth and 136 % more online Tyre Units sold, we are delighted. Profound has demonstrated great design and technical expertise and, for a business-critical ecommerce site, that combination of skill is invaluable!

This project has been a desire for our business for many years and I can honestly say working with both of your businesses has been a pleasure. The experience and knowledge you have added to our project team has been immense and I do not doubt that we wouldn’t be where we are now without you. What we have all achieved over the course of this year on this project has been nothing short of monumental! To have created and launched the full tech stack we have in 9 months is truly amazing.

We knew that delivering a better Customer Experience would need a successful strategic digital transformation. Profound were invaluable in helping us create this experience, from their use of customer insight to the technical implementation. The use of customer evidence combined with a technical proof of concept gave us greater certainty and confidence in all our decisions, particularly as we were considering a modern headless architecture. It’s rare you find a trusted partner like Profound with a passionate focus on the customer experience and the matching technical vision and capability to implement it. It also helps that they’re actually really easy to work with.

As our ecommerce ambition grows, it is vital that we tackle customer experience and UX design with the same level of passion that we have for technical excellence in genomics. It all contributes to our differentiation in the life science market. We’re so glad we chose Profound – they were thorough, open-minded, and have a great sense for the end user ecommerce experience, which challenged us in a good way so they could produce great design work. They also demonstrated substantial skill and experience helping us understand our customers, with a very pragmatic approach. With various ecommerce capabilities now in play and more rolling out, we now have a modern, attractive, easy to use site that showcases our products and makes that path to purchase much easier for our customers.

The retail sector had a wake-up call when COVID-19 hit and we realised how important having a highly effective ecommerce offering alongside the retail stores had become. It was also an opportunity to seriously advance our online presence by replacing our platform, which was no longer fit for purpose. We needed an immediate fix, coupled with a long-term plan and a partner to guide us and stay with us on the journey. All our decisions were vindicated when we had our best-ever Black Friday sales that we were then able to fulfil on-time. Profound and Gradient Edge were key to the whole process – they helped us not just transform digitally, but also transform our thinking, and this has had a direct, positive effect on our strategy and resulting revenue.

Profound were instrumental in helping us with our TechSource webshop development programme. As soon as we met, it was clear they listened to our brand intent, the market we wanted to appeal to and how our users interact on a global basis. Their prototyping was quick, functional and collaborative and they helped create a video demonstration we’ve used at many conferences to articulate the value of our new technology platform. I’ve really enjoyed working with them too as they were flexible, supportive and balanced. Just what you need in a long term partner.


Meet the Board

An experienced and highly respected team of CX, digital and ecommerce professionals with a strategic vision for Profound to be the trusted partner for innovative, customer centric digital experiences.




Founding Director


Commercial Director


Digital Services Director


Director of CX and Innovation


Director of Delivery

We are creative

Great design creates great experiences. Our creative team brings together print and digital experience to produce practical yet beautiful creative work. A strong planning-led approach with wireframes, user-journey workshops and UX knowledge means your digital project achieves it’s outcomes through design. Our creative services are unique in that we can provide creative support if you have a preference for another (or in-house) system integrator for your project. We’ve worked with a number of other agencies and in-house teams to support their development processes with creative-led thinking.

We are technical

We provide extensive experience and a safe choice for your technical development. This may involve complex integration, bespoke development, ecommerce and website CMS deployment, or more advanced innovations. We partner with a range of digital technologies including headless systems for ecommerce, website CMS, search, PIM and DAM integration, using a host of coding language skills. We can provide ongoing technical support and we are a Certified Microsoft Cloud Services Partner. Our focus on value and first class delivery earned us the DXA 2021 International Gold Award for Best Digital Transformation for one of our clients. These competencies coupled with our customer-centred focus mean we remain objective and agnostic when advising on the best platform, language and project approach for your business.

We are digital marketing success

SEM, SEO, UX, PPC, hashtags and snapchats. We make the world of digital marketing make sense. Skilled in assisting organisations create and execute goal-orientated strategies that relate to the business needs – we can help you optimise existing channels and explore new ones. We have a strong pedigree in B2B and B2C e-commerce and, working with a number of specialists, we can also provide services and strategy around online advertising, social media, e-marketing, content personalisation and search engine optimisation.


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We are a very different team over at Profound, we can honestly say we are able to help brands get value out of their projects quickly, it’s not magic, we focus all of our work around real customer insight and align this to our clients strategic goals and work in an agile framework to get the best possible outcomes. We are quite fussy about the projects we take on as we believe there needs to be alignment with our clients and our combined approach as a team to get the best results.

We help digital teams design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

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