Experience design - a new way to engage customers

88% of customers will never visit a website again after a bad user experience. Designing through a customer lens helps keep them coming back.

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What is Experience Design

Every time someone interacts with your brand, it helps shape their overall customer experience (CX). The sum total of their experience with your brand on multiple devices and channels helps shape their feelings towards your brand and their buying habits. The best way to create a better customer experience is to tailor your customer journeys to their needs and behaviours. In other words, give the people what they want and they’ll spend more. And that’s where we come in. We’ll help quickly define who your customers are and what they want, and design engaging customer experiences.

Why it matters

Quite simply, happier customers spend more. 140% more in fact, according to customer experience research by Harvard Business Review. That’s why it’s vital you approach everything through the customer lens. Having an understanding of their offline and online behaviours removes the guesswork, opinion, and risk in favour of evidence-based marketing, operational, and digital decisions. Making the customer journey more relevant to them can boost sales, increase loyalty, and make them more likely to share their experience with friends, effectively becoming your brand ambassador.

How we deliver

Our experience design team will be working with your internal team and external customers, we’ll walk a mile in your customers’ shoes to help understand them. Along the way, we’ll discover their persona, pain points, and voice-of-the-customer (VOC), which helps inform your content strategies, ecommerce design, and technology choices. We then transform that invaluable customer insight into a modern digital platform, frictionless customer journeys, and a better-informed content strategy. Fast. All of which helps forge a stronger connection and more engaging experience for your customers.

We help digital teams design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

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