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We are an award-winning website design agency obsessed with building solutions for better customer experiences. We build long-term partnerships with our clients, helping them design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

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An Award-Winning Website Design Agency Helping Businesses Design, Build & Manage Their Website

Let’s be honest, your website exists for one primary reason – to wow new clients or customers and generate leads; it’s your always-on sales and marketing channel and one of the first meaningful touchpoints customers will have with your brand, and let’s face it, first impressions matter.

Websites do not always age gracefully. Design trends change, customers evolve, competitors innovate, and technology moves on, often leaving you with a website that looks old-fashioned, is too hard or expensive to update and doesn’t rank well in search engine results pages. You know what you need – a stunning website that is accessible from any device, easy to navigate, beautifully designed and engaging. It should integrate with internal systems (even those old and clunky ones) and your CRM. It must be mobile-responsive, easy to update and tick all the boxes in terms of security, hosting, and data protection.

Our team has been designing and building engaging, high-performing, beautiful websites for over 20 years. We build websites using various content management systems (CMS) including next-generation headless CMS’s that give you more flexibility to distribute content to any channel or device. We also provide open-source or more sophisticated commercial platforms that include personalisation and marketing automation.

So, whether your business needs are lead generation, brand engagement or e-commerce, we’ll deliver the right solution for you. If your website is starting to show its age, has become costly or difficult to update, or is no longer converting traffic to leads, we can help you plan a strategic, future-ready way forward.

We can help you...

Improve user experience through creative design

Find the right words to connect with your audience

Choose the right technology and platform for your business

Maintain and improve your website post go-live

At Profound Digital, we bring to each project technical expertise across a variety of programming languages, scalable and reliable hosting services, a support team for technical maintenance and a marketing strategy team. All of this combined equates to digital success that we can help you deliver.

Common Website Problems We Solve

Website Design Problems

  • Your website does not generate enough leads
  • Your website aesthetic looks dated or is off brand
  • Your website is not user-friendly across different devices, or it is not accessible to all users

User experience (UX) design is critical to the success of your site. If you are spending money to acquire website traffic, you still need to orchestrate the customers journey through careful, page by page design that provides the right triggers and signals to drive conversion.

Some of the world’s biggest brands trust our design approach because it ensures visitors to your site are naturally encouraged to act, be that making an enquiry, registering through a form, or making an online purchase.

Website Performance Problems

  • Your content management system (CMS) is hard to use, or you need developer assistance to make simple content changes
  • Your website does not bring you enough traffic, or cannot rank in search engines
  • Your website loads slowly and does not score well in Google Lighthouse

Engaging, well-optimised content is key to a website performance. Website content should guide the user, helping them to navigate your site, while giving them the information they need to solve their problem, whilst still being engaging.

Content is often overlooked during website design and development. The assumption being that existing content can just be repurposed, or ‘any-old-thing’ will do. We write stuff everyday of our lives. How hard can it be?

Take a look at our drone piece for NATS to see how we can help you bring content and design together for maximum impact.

Technical Problems

  • Your CMS version is no longer supported by the vendor, and the cost of upgrading is the same as building a new website
  • Your website’s code base is difficult to maintain, or costly to make simple updates
  • Your website cannot connect with other key business systems (like your CRM or ERP)

We blend customer insight with creative design and technical expertise to create engaging website experiences that achieve your strategic business goals. If your current website is causing you pain and preventing you from achieving your goals, we can help.

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Our Continued Website Support Offering

Once your website is live, the hard work of attracting visitors, engaging them, and converting them starts. At Profound Digital, we can support you in this adventure either from the basic keep-the-lights-on technical maintenance, to the marketing strategy and implementation. Even if you want to do it all yourself but might need the odd helping-hand, we can provide ad hoc support. Flexible and friendly to work with, our cheery support team are office based and always available.

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How We Deliver - The Profound way

Customer-first website agency

Of course, your new website must look good and perform well in search – that’s just table stakes these days. What’s really important is ensuring your new site provides your customers and business users the experience they need whilst also achieving your strategic business goals. Therefore, we begin with a tailored, consultative Discovery engagement before starting any implementation work.

Discovery and definition

Delivered by our experienced Strategy and Consulting team, our website discovery phase typically lasts around a couple of weeks (depending on the size of your site) and will focus on five key areas: your customers, your brand, your business, your technology landscape, your data.

At the end of discovery, we will have defined the future state customer experience, the technology to enable it, the operational changes and investment required to get there, and any technical proof of concepts needed before making any significant investment in technology licensing or implementation.

Ecommerce agency discovery meeting

Digital transformation and implementation

Our talented, cross-functional delivery team will design and build your new website. The size and shape of the team will depend on the outcomes of discovery, the speed of transformation required, the complexity of integrations and the level of involvement from your delivery teams – we are incredibly comfortable augmenting our team with clients' delivery teams.

B2B eCommerce transformation phase

Support and continuous improvement

Modern websites should continuously evolve using insight and customer feedback to improve experiences and stay ahead of competitors. Our Support team are here to keep your site performing smoothly post-launch, whilst our website optimisation team will help you plan and execute a strategic roadmap of continuous improvements and CRO initiatives.

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Our Website Design & Build Technology Partners

  • Content management

  • Search and discovery

  • DAM

  • Conversational engagement

We help digital teams design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

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