The Fusion of Content and Commerce

Module 7 in the Headless Commerce Masterclass

Decision-makers should factor in how they want to deliver experience-led commerce before they establish their wider headless strategy. Experience-led approaches involve integrating content and commerce services to differentiate digital propositions and increase customer loyalty.

Depending on your business model and the front-ends you are delivering to, you can lead your integration with either content or commerce services, creating unique digital experiences that you can convert into higher revenue.

Key takeaways

  • Recognise that Customer Experience is today’s key brand differentiator
  • Learn how brands are exploiting content channels with embedded commerce features
  • Understand that new purchasing behaviours require a sophisticated content-commerce strategy
  • Learn how you can create a futureproof contentcommerce strategy that increases customer loyalty
  • Understand the differences between a content-first and a commerce-first strategy


Welcome to the seventh module in our headless ecommerce programme: The Fusion of Content and Commerce.


In our most recent modules, we have learnt about headless as a concept, and how APIs enable communication between microservices and front-ends.

In this module, we explore how you can deliver experience-led commerce with a futureproof content-commerce strategy. We underline how Customer Experience is today’s key brand differentiator before highlighting some of the creative ways that businesses are delivering frictionless shopping experiences on content channels. Then, we explore two common types of content-commerce strategy and explain which business models they suit best.

The aim of this module is to help you think about two core microservices – content management systems (CMSs) and commerce platforms – and how their integration helps your teams create more impactful front-end experiences.

  • Which approach best suits your business model: content-first or commerce-first?
  • What content channels can you exploit with your strategy?

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The Fusion of Content and Commerce is the seventh module of the Headless Commerce Masterclass. To download this and the rest of the Masterclass content please use the form provided.

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