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Whether you are starting out on your eCommerce journey, need a complete re-platform, or have an established platform that you want to optimise, Profound is an eCommerce design agency that brings decades of eCommerce experience to your project.

Our pedigree in understanding the whole process from high converting product and checkout pages to stock, payments and fulfilment is just the start. Our difference is that we look at everything through the customer lens, and use customer evidence to optimise your user experience (UX) design and inform any system choices.

We also move at pace, challenging the norm; often an eCommerce re-platform wastes months with RFPs and vendor demos. We don’t. We typically start delivering value in 3 months using a mix of high-intensity customer-centred discovery, clear user stories, and quick POC’s that de-risk your technology choices. We also implement market-leading, next-generation headless technologies that give marketers more creative freedom on the front-end and reduce back-end headaches for IT. These systems can include the eCommerce engine, content CMS, PIM, DAM, Search and more.

Going live with a new design or a new platform is only the start. We also provide Continuous Improvement to optimise your digital estate for performance and conversion. This works to a monthly cadence of test-and-learn, data-evidenced improvement using various analytic tools.

Above all we add value – we have helped various clients achieve:
– a 67% increase in online revenue
– an enterprise re-platform with multiple integrations in 90 days
– DXA Gold Award: Best Online User Experience Retail Ecommerce
– a B2C experience design in multi-channel B2B eCommerce

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Ecommerce Website Design

You website design should allow you to attract, convert and retain more customers. We specialise in designing, building and optimising high quality eCommerce websites that are tailored to your business and your industry, modern design and lots of features will ensure your store is one of the best.

Profound focuses heavily on customer journeys and we have a full CX and UX team with years of experience that are able to help you inform an outcome that has the best results.

Attract the best

Getting traffic to your website is a fine balance of volume and quality. A well-structured site for SEO, alongside a strategic content campaign should work in tandem with your advertising campaigns for maximum results, through your e-commerce design agency you should be able to achieve this.

Our digital marketing expertise can support and report on your e-commerce website in a way that is best suited to your marketing efforts. We can also advise on strategies and campaign techniques that help maximise the features of your website for best results.

Convert more visitors

Conversion optimisation and personalisation are hot topics in e-commerce. Getting your customers to convert more often, with a higher basket value is key. Using personalisation to tailor your customers’ experience to achieve high conversions is how we do it.

We can help you research personas and leverage technology solutions that offer personalisation for e-commerce. We use this to curate effective shopping experiences for your customers. If you aren’t quite ready for a new personalisation technology, but need to update your current e-commerce platform for more conversions, our creative UX team can review your design and offer suggestions on how to update or optimise the existing on-site customer experience.

Retain more customers

Customer retention is the foundation for your repeat online revenue. E-commerce businesses invest substantial amounts attracting and converting traffic, so it makes sense to keep hold of each customer once you’ve acquired them.

Using the right platform, or right data set, we can help design nurture campaigns that keep your customers coming back to the website and spending more. Ideal for increasing retention rates, driving membership renewals or shortening the periods between return purchases. An eCommerce design agency will be able to focus on the activities that drive higher retention.

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Our support offering

Once your website is live, the hard work of attracting visitors, engaging them and converting them starts. As a specialist e-commerce agency, we can support you in this adventure either from the basic keep-the-lights-on technical maintenance, to the marketing strategy and implementation. Even if you want to do it all yourself but might need the odd helping-hand, we can provide adhoc support. Flexible and friendly to work with, our cheery support team are office based and always available.

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