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We have been implementing headless CMS systems since 2018 and are proud to be an official Storyblok Partner.  A great CMS platform for developers and content authors, Storyblok is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and scalable content management system to deliver unconstrained customer experiences.

Storyblok Headless CMS

Profound + Storyblok

Making history with Storyblok

Profound has successfully delivered the UK’s first composable / MACH digital transformation using Storyblok, Commercetools, Algolia, Pimberly and Bynder. Additionally, this project has also been shortlisted for a UK Digital Experience Award.

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Why we love Storyblok

There are a number of headless CMS technologies on the market, and we have worked with most over the years. Storyblok stands out to us as a product and an organisation to partner with because of the following features:


Storyblok allows us to use any technology stack to deliver experiences while keeping your content in one place.


With Storyblok, we can start small and grow big. It’s designed to handle high traffic loads and complex digital projects as gracefully as it handles single sites.


Storyblok provides a powerful API, allowing our developers to create unconstrained experiences and connect to any other platform.


Storyblok are transparent in their pricing, offer good documentation and constantly look to add to their pre-built integrations to help businesses accelerate their time to market.


The live preview and simple UI makes it easy for content creators to manage and update content.

What our technical team likes about Storyblok:

  • Storyblok’s live preview SDK means that you don’t have to build your own preview, saving build time. The preview can also show local code changes if the environments are configured correctly, which means you don’t have to publish constantly to check work.
  • The asset structuring (folders) is useful, several other platforms provide free-form structuring, which is not always necessary.
  • The data source feature makes defining things like theming genuinely separate to content, enabling discreet changes in future along microservice principles.
  • The extensibility options, be it field types, apps or plug-ins and the foundational flexible data schemas mean we can deliver exactly what the experience needs.
  • The webhook management and event granularity in triggering hooks means that it allows a genuine micro-service approach to development.
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What our content editors like about Storyblok:

  • The live preview makes it easy to see what is being edited.
  • If there is a well-designed content model, then there is a lot of flexibility in how pages can be built for campaigns without sacrificing structure for the pages that need it.
  • Integrations with DAM and PIM make it easy to pull content in from other sources when needed.
  • The folder structure makes it easy to find content and manage URL structures – some CMSs are completely flat and rely on tags, which can be difficult to upkeep.

Our Storyblok services

Content architecture and modelling

Design and build

Support and maintenance

Thinking about a Headless CMS?

A headless CMS is great for centralising content to enrich experiences. This might be to augement a commerce engine like commercetools, hybris or Shopify. It might be to deliver a content-rich set of websites. Or it might be to support an omnichannel set-up with websites, apps, kiosks and more. As CMS experts, we’ve created a range of content over the years to support clients with their decisions on purchasing and implementing a new CMS:

We don't just do Storyblok

Profound is able to support your Storyblok implementation with a range of skills in related best-of-breed products.

  • Commerce platforms

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  • Search and discovery

  • Order management

  • PIM and DAM

  • Loyalty and reviews

  • Conversational commerce

Are you considering choosing Storyblok for the first time, or do you simply need a new Storyblok partner to support an existing website?

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