Webinar: How to select the right Headless Content Management System

Whether you are new to headless or already weighing up which CMS best suits your needs, our webinar will help you understand how to shortlist, select and deliver a successful headless CMS project.


Webinar Details

The way customers want to connect and communicate with brands has changed. Customers expect to engage seamlessly and effortlessly across multiple touchpoints and channels. As content journeys become more complex and distributed, traditional CMS technologies can struggle to manage these experiences efficiently, leading to more admin, content duplication and developer intervention for the business team. Our webinar is a great starting point for any business evaluating its current CMS and looking for a better experience for its customers and business users.

On Demand

+- 50 Mins

Learn about

  • What is a headless CMS (not)
  • Do you need a new CMS?
  • When is a headless CMS the right choice?
  • Headless CMS vā€™s conventional CMS
  • How to choose a headless CMS
  • Implementing a headless CMS
  • Life after launch

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