Headless CMS Bootcamp

Our comprehensive Headless CMS Bootcamp is a hands-on, results-oriented program specifically designed to empower your digital transformation initiatives. We’ll guide you through the intricacies of headless CMS, its potential to enhance your customer experiences, streamline content production, and foster seamless integration with your existing technical architecture.

What's it about

This workshop is all about providing you with the tools and knowledge to effectively implement a headless Content Management System. We will help you build a CMS selection framework, navigate the complexities of migrating your analytics and tracking, and plan your next steps. You will leave with a clear understanding of the benefits of a headless CMS and a roadmap for successful implementation.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for decision-makers, digital strategists, IT managers, content managers, developers, and anyone involved in digital transformation initiatives within their organization. Whether you are considering a headless CMS or just started your transition, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge to drive your initiative forward.

Bootcamp Activites

  • Defining your strategic need for a headless CMS: We’ll help you identify your organization’s specific needs and how a headless CMS can address them.
  • Designing the new customer experience: Understand how a headless CMS can enhance your customer journey and design an optimized, engaging experience.
  • Review of your as-is technical architecture and identification of any essential PoC candidates: We will conduct a comprehensive review of your current technical setup and identify areas where a headless CMS could provide the most benefit.
  • Reimagining your content production processes: Explore how a headless CMS can streamline and improve your content production and management processes.
  • Building your CMS selection framework: We will guide you in creating a selection framework to choose the most suitable headless CMS for your needs.
  • Migrating your analytics and tracking: Learn about the challenges and solutions involved in migrating your analytics and tracking to a headless CMS environment.
  • Planning your next steps: Walk away with a clear, actionable plan for implementing a headless CMS in your organization.

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Tim McMillen

Founding Director, Profound

Nik Patel

Digital Services Director, Profound


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