Digital Transformation

At Profound Digital, we focus our digital transformation consulting on customer experience and agile delivery. We know you want to see results fast – and our goal is to deliver value in just 90 days.


What is digital transformation?

Put simply, digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to create better ways of working and better Customer Experiences. However, digital transformation does not mean updating your systems and capabilities with the latest versions of technology. Transformation demands more than that. It necessitates integrating digital technologies into everything you do, with every action reviewed from a digital perspective.

This is more than structural change. It is a cultural reset that fundamentally changes the way you operate, allowing you to keep pace with the market and influence behaviour more effectively.

Of course, cultural transition does not happen overnight. Rather than describing it as a process, then, digital transformation should instead be considered as a journey. It can be a challenging journey for those less digitally mature businesses, but it is one that must be taken to survive and remain relevant.

Once you have achieved a certain level of digital maturity, the journey changes direction. From here, the emphasis turns towards digital optimisation.

Broken website. Slow performance. Legacy systems. Poor integration. Sound familiar? We’re a digital transformation agency that go one step further with our digital transformation consulting – tackling these problems as individual fixes is basically just papering over the cracks. We don’t do that. We follow a best-practice digital transformation consulting approach, as it’s the only way to consider the whole digital picture from the customer viewpoint. A digital transformation delivers a future-proof digital estate for the whole enterprise that enables you to quickly adapt and meet your customer experience needs. With our award-winning team onboard, you’ll benefit from a fast-to-market solution to help your business grow.

Why Digital Transformation Matters

Today’s customers expect more. They shop in a multi-channel, multi-device world and expect a compelling customer experience.

Unless your brand is genuinely unique and without competition, customer experience is your only true differentiator. With digital transformation, you can create an agile digital estate that reduces the burden on IT and frees up the business to devote more time to higher value, revenue-generating front-end activities will deliver the digital element of that experience.

As luck would have it, delivering said digital transformations through a customer lens is our speciality.

How we deliver

Technology moves fast. So do we.
Our proven track record is to give you what you need in 90 days. That’s right – from project kick-off to solution delivery in just 90 days. Our goal is to marry the best technology with the best customer experience.

Our Digital Transformation consulting begins with a customer-evidenced UX design and digital architecture, then we de-risk choices by running fast technical proof-of-concepts using next-generation systems. The end result is a customer-focused digital solution – be it a new ecommerce platform, website, Search, PIM or DAM – that’s perfect for today and future-proofed for tomorrow.

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