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More revenue, greater efficiency, customer delight. These are the typical outcomes most B2B digital change is seeking. It requires a balance of user understanding and the right underpinning technology. B2B buyers today are driven by their digital experiences as a consumer. They expect to transact in a frictionless way and access information fast, when it suits them. That requires a technically performant, well integrated digital estate as well as a compelling front-end user experience. Profound sits at this intersection, blending B2B customer experience with modern technologies.

New B2B Expectations

Your B2B buyer’s consumer experiences mean they expect engaging, useful content, effective search and discovery, and an easy path-to-purchase. They expect blistering performance and consistency across different channels – whether a new prospect or an existing client. Procurement departments, individuals, specifiers, distributors or merchants – they all make decisions based on the experience you give them. They don’t have time for frustrating navigation and disjointed experiences and this could damage your business.

We understand that B2B is generally more complex than B2C. It embraces much more – from product discovery to company-specific pricing, quotes, orders and product information management (usually integrating legacy systems). Often there are global nuances, pricing complexities, or a need for product configurators, and the need to integrate transaction elements from quotes to orders and invoicing. Each channel needs a customer-evidenced design, relevant content and the right supporting technology to streamline the path to purchase.

How we help

At Profound we can help you solve an immediate tactical challenge or tackle a wider strategic transformation. From streamlining or optimising your use of data, to understanding customer journeys, improving product information, ecommerce, and system integrations. Our award-winning strength with user experience can also intelligently harnesses customer journey insight to ensure your front-end designs deliver compelling experiences across websites, portals, mobile, apps and ecommerce.

We are also agnostic, recommending technologies that are “right-sized” given your current state, your future ambition and your trajectory.

B2B clients value Profound because we match their ambition and readiness with a roadmap and pace of improvement or transformation their stakeholders can actually believe in. These clients include Saint-Gobain, Unilever, Micheldever Group, Horizon Platforms, LGC Genomics and Computacenter – they trust Profound’s independent mindset to deliver high-calibre consulting, design and technology delivery.

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