Experience Implementation

Our Delivery and Engineering practices come together to deliver a range of technology projects – from large scale enterprise digital transformation, to quick-to-market SaaS-based ecommerce solutions, to agile continuous improvement programs.

What is Experience Implementation?

Experience implementation is the development of customer-facing experiences and the back-office systems and integrations needed to deliver them. It’s not just about building websites. It’s about helping you implement systems for content, products, customers, orders, data, and assets and bringing them together in a robust and scalable way. It is about working out the best way to piece information together to prevent duplication of effort and code. It is also about helping you liberate information stuck in legacy or on-prem systems to modernise your digital estate.

Why it matters

At Profound, we believe in understanding how to build the solutions we recommend so that our strategic advice is grounded in practicalities. Being able to technically implement experiences set out by our Consulting and Experience Design practices, means that you get a cross-functional team that understands the outcomes the entire way through the project. This means that we can often deliver value faster and overcome challenges sooner than when co-working with an external implementation partner.

How we deliver

Our Engineering practice is constantly exploring new technologies and approaches to get the best outcomes. The Delivery practice works closely with them to continually refine our delivery process alongside this exploration. Together they have a live process that operates a primarily agile development approach with appropriate stakeholder engagement the entire way through. The comprehensive process covers everything from elaborating the requirements, architecting the approach and then developing, reviewing, and testing the experiences. Our clients are often tightly integrated with the process. Their internal teams work alongside ours to upskill as new experiences are implemented, smoothing the go-live process.

We help digital teams design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

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