eBook: Data-driven Customer Experiences in eCommerce

Download our ebook today to find out more about the current state of ecommerce, what’s coming in 2023 and how you can improve conversion and retention with technology that has tangible ROI.

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The latest research shows that the propensity to buy online has increased (and will continue to), but for now consumer spending is down.

Combine this with a more privacy-conscious and tech savvy consumer, retailers are facing a tough time. To be able to drive sales up and costs down, brands should be focusing on one thing – customer data.

Our latest eBook takes a look at how to determine what data is valuable to collect for your business and what tools can be used to do so. It then explores features such as conversational commerce, search and loyalty that can be used not only to improve data collection, but also give value to the customer in exchange for their data by improving the experience.

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