Data & Customer Experiences: Bootcamp

Learn from industry experts on how to deliver great customer experiences and improve data habits. The latest bootcamp from Profound & partners is a series of interactive workshops designed for retailers focusing on loyalty, conversational commerce, customer data and on-site search.

Event Details

Spend a morning in interactive sessions with experts across each field to learn about how to build successful retail experiences and have a chance to discuss specific use cases relevant to your brand.

Timing: 09:00 to 13:00

Date: 17th November 2022

Venue: Glaziers Hall in London Bridge

Glaziers Hall

Set against a panoramic view of the Thames and City of London, Glaziers Hall is a venue like no other. The perfect contradiction of rich heritage with modern technology and state-of-the-art facilities.

Your hosts


We are an award-winning experience design agency obsessed with building solutions for better customer experiences. We enjoy being a trusted partner, helping remove the pain that surrounds implementing technologies and helping our clients create awesome experiences for their customers.


Talon One

Talon.One is an API-first Promotion Engine that helps companies deliver relevant, effective and personalized promotions driven by their data. Marketers have the freedom to create any type of promotion they can imagine without developers, so development time and resources can be spent improving your company’s core product.

Treasure Data

Treasure Data was built to radically simplify customer data management and help brands use all of their customer data to improve campaign performance, achieve operational efficiency, and drive business value with connected customer experiences.

With Empathy's Search Platform, advanced retailers with large catalogues and the potential for peaks in traffic benefit from private, protected and positive experiences, from code to customer. is trusted by global leaders like Inditex, Algonomy, Connect, MusicMagpie, Carrefour and Kroger.


Consumers buy from brands they trust. With Vonage's conversational commerce platform -, your brand can build that trust by engaging consumers throughout their buying journeys on the channels they love. Create AI-powered omnichannel experiences that boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, and return buyer behavior intelligence.

We help digital teams design great experiences, make smart technology choices, and deliver successful digital transformations.

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