Profound becomes the first UK certified DAM Partner for Bynder, the leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) provider

DAM Partner systems are used by major brands and e-commerce businesses to efficiently store and share content assets like images, visuals, video and documents both with colleagues in the business and externally with collaborating DAM Partners and Agencies.

Bynder is used by brands including KLM, Puma, Five Guys and Formula 1 and it enables brand consistency by eliminating messy folders, siloed content, asset misuse, and distribution roadblocks. This makes it much easier to handle all your:

  • Brand & Design Assets (Logos, Icons, templates etc)
  • Campaign Assets (GTM content, marketing/sales collateral, partner network)
  • Product Assets (Product visuals, enriched and distributed across other channels).

Profound was attracted to Bynder because it is was designed by designers, is renowned for its ease of use and is provided as a secure, globally available SaaS based service. It is also incredibly quick to deploy making it a very attractive proposition for marketing and creative teams seeking a more streamlined approach for their digital assets. Bynder has connectors to many leading content management and e-commerce systems and has over 1500 clients globally.


Tim McMillen, Director at profound comments:


“We are delighted with this DAM partnership as it fits perfectly with our strategy helping clients migrate to next-generation technologies to support their marketing and digital efforts. Having reviewed the market for DAM systems we were drawn to Bynder for its ease of use, scalability and a great support team. We are looking forward to working with Bynder to help more brands adopt this great system.”


Julien Matsis, Partner Manager at Bynder comments:


“Bynder is on a very strong growth trajectory and we are carefully selecting the right DAM partners to work with across the globe. We are keen to ensure that partners provide a “safe pair of hands” to support our clients as they onboard and start using the system. Profound already has a great reputation in the UK and we are very excited to have them on board as our first UK partner.”

About Profound

Profound are a UK digital agency, helping B2B and B2C organisations deliver high value customer-focused digital projects. Fast.

About Bynder

Bynder allows you to easily create, find and use content. More than 500,000 brand managers, marketers and creatives use Bynder’s brand portals every day to collaborate globally, produce, review and approve new marketing collateral, and circulate company content at the click of a button. Brands using Bynder go to market faster and achieve end-to-end brand consistency across all channels and regions, with simplified collaboration across the organisation.

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