Strategy, Research & Data

Solving problems and using technology to deliver the solutions is what we do. Our Consulting and Data practices get involved strategically to identify, qualify, and quantify business problems. We then help explore solutions using data (1st and 3rd party), business insight and our digital expertise.


What We Do

We provide a team of experienced consultants to support businesses at a strategic level. Our range of services include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing growth strategies
  • Creating or improving operational models for retailers
  • Data strategy design
  • Go-to-market strategies, including:
    • Demand modelling
    • Proposition design (including DTC)
    • Market selection
  • Technology selection
  • Audits for:
    • Ecommerce sites
    • Data strategies
    • Technology implementation
    • Customer acquisition strategies
  • Change management for digital transformations
  • Digital team design


Why it matters

Relying on in-the-business people to provide out-of-the-box thinking means taking them out of business-as-usual activities, which can be expensive. It also often means current constraints dictate the business strategy. Instead, our consultancy team provides independent strategic guidance that leverages your team's understanding of your customers and current business model and combines it with industry insight and data to develop solutions and help your team make good decisions. Having an outside-in view means that as a business, the way forward is not just an idea but a clear business case that outlines the gaps needed to deliver the strategy and the opportunities and value a successful outcome can bring. Additionally, working with us as a strategic partner alongside an incumbent or internal system integration (SI) team means that the SI is free to focus on what they do best – implementation rather than ideation.

How we deliver

We use various techniques from interactive workshops, stakeholder interviews, data analysis, and auditing software to get to the needed outcomes. Our consultancy team works together with an experienced Lead Consultant designing an appropriate program for each piece of work, pulling in relevant experts from our business as required. These experts might include people like a digital architect, a data analyst or a senior UX designer to get the insight required. Playbacks of solutions and recommendations are produced in appropriate formats for the audience – from high-level board presentations to detailed reports for broader circulation.

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