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Imagine feeling confident in all your digital decisions. We help make that happen. Working with Digital, Marketing & Ecommerce leaders they are often seeking two things: a “better customer experience” and “fast digital transformation”. We excel in both, delivering real customer-evidence to better inform decisions, as well as digital change at pace. Profound is trusted by global B2B and B2C brands because we deliver value at pace.

Many businesses struggle to quickly gather and then effectively bridge customer insight into digital improvement. We do the whole piece – identifying the right target personas, surfacing which behaviours on their customer customer journey to influence, and then implementing new digital technologies with an informed, compelling UX design.

This is why we’re different – our process gives you the confidence that all your decisions are customer-evidenced – from UX design to content, to digital system choices. We also use next-generation platforms (often with POCs to de-risk choices) to implement an integrated, future-proof platform that will handle all your evolving customer experience needs. And our proven process means we deliver this at pace, typically delivering value within three months.

Experience Design – the “Front End” 

For us, Customer Insight is not “a report about satisfaction levels or preferences”. Instead we help you pragmatically gather and validate the behaviours and pain points on your customer journeys, so that you understand where and how to influence them. We then use this to inform and create compelling digital experiences (like a frictionless ecommerce path-to-purchase). It means all the creative / UX design we deliver is truly customer-evidenced, and it also helps prioritise digital system choices or transformation in your technical architecture.

Digital Transformation – the “Back End” 

With a correctly-informed customer-oriented architecture, we can implement a flexible digital estate that feeds elegantly into front-end websites, eCommerce sites, multiple channels and devices. We often use the best next-generation (headless, microservices) technologies to handle that, which gives marketers the freedom to be creative on the front end. We provide and integrate web CMS, Digital Asset Management (DAMs), Ecommerce and Product Information Management (PIM) systems.

Trust – brands we work with

We are widely considered a “safe pair of hands” – the trusted partner for businesses like Unilever (multiple FMCG brands), Saint-Gobain, Planet Organic, LGC Genomics, Protyre, Computacenter and Accenture. This is reinforced by long-standing relationships where we deliver Continuous Improvement – an account-managed service supporting digital marketing teams with a test-and-refine roadmap linked to strategic objectives.

We bring over 20 years of digital and customer experience pedigree to provide the insights, design and technical expertise that will help your Marketing, Digital and IT teams achieve their objectives. This can include:

  • Customer Experience (CX) Design Innovation
  • UX Design for websites, portals, mobile apps
  • Technical development and integration
  • Ongoing optimisation for continuous improvement

Passion and Flexibility

We are a passionate team that cares about delivering successful business outcomes and if that means delivering an end-to-end project – we will, and if it means enhancing your internal teams and partners with any of our discrete skills, we are perfectly comfortable with that model too.

Above all, clients like us because we are likeable, talented, effective and we add value.

the board

An experienced and highly respected team of CX, digital and ecommerce professionals with a strategic vision for Profound to be the trusted partner for innovative, customer centric digital experiences.

we are creative

Great design creates great experiences. Our creative team brings together print and digital experience to produce practical yet beautiful creative work. A strong planning-led approach with wireframes, user-journey workshops and UX knowledge means your digital project achieves it’s outcomes through design.

Our creative services are unique in that we can provide creative support if you have a preference for another (or in-house) system integrator for your project. We’ve worked with a number of other agencies and in-house teams to support their development processes with creative-led thinking.

we are technical

We provide extensive experience and a safe choice for your technical development. This may involve complex  integration, bespoke development, CMS deployment, or more advanced innovations. We use .NET,  PHP, front-end (HTML/CSS) and a host of other language skills, so we can advise on the best platform, language and project approach for you.

We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner, and we also partner with leading next-generation cloud-native headless platforms for ecommerce, content management, digital asset management and personalisation systems, so if you need a flexible API-driven approach to your architecture we can add real value.

we are digital marketing success

SEM, SEO, UX, PPC, hashtags and snapchats. We make the world of digital marketing make sense.

Skilled in assisting organisations create and execute goal-orientated strategies that relate to the business needs – we can help you optimise existing channels and explore new ones. We have a strong pedigree in B2B and B2C e-commerce and, working with a number of specialists, we can also provide services and strategy around online advertising, social media, e-marketing, content personalisation and search engine optimisation.

some of our clients

We work with a range of clients big, small, B2B and B2C. Some of our more well-known clients include:

Cup a Soup
Graham The Plumbers' Merchant
Javelin Group
Majestic Wine

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