What is headless?

Module 5 in the Headless Commerce Masterclass

Headless is a powerful approach to building your brand’s digital architecture, decoupling content and digital assets in your back-end from its display in your digital estate’s front-end. This separation enables you to prioritise your brand’s Customer Experience by providing your developers, designers and marketers with more freedom to create impactful, revenue-generating results.

Key takeaways

  • Gain an overview of how web solutions have evolved
  • Understand that a website is now only one part of your digital estate
  • Learn how headless solutions function and an initial understanding of how APIs enable microservices to communicate with one another
  • Learn about the benefits of headless technology
  • Recognise how a headless approach reduces digital project timelines, providing you with faster return on investment
  • Create your headless project checklist

Welcome to the fifth module in our headless ecommerce programme: What is headless?


We are now half-way through the programme, having explored the new digital context, migration strategies and microservices architecture.

In this module, we continue the journey from monolithic to microservices by lifting the lid on headless technology. Remember, that in a headless ecommerce platform, there are several headless solutions all working separately within a wider digital ecosystem. These functions can include checkout, search, product information management (PIM) and digital asset management (DAM) systems. However, for the purposes of this whitepaper, we focus on headless content management systems (CMS) – another crucial piece of the headless ecommerce puzzle.

Using headless CMSs as your case study, learn how headless solutions work, and how this can benefit your brand’s digital capabilities and Customer Experience.

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