Monolithic to Microservices

Module 4 in the Headless Commerce Masterclass

For organisations with monolithic architecture, wholesale changes are time and cost-intensive, and updates involving major technical overheads are usually required to remain competitive. With microservices architecture, however, brands can quickly build their digital estate and achieve the agility and scalability that customers demand, and market trends necessitate. Learn about this and more in our fourth module.

Key takeaways

  • Learn the key differences between the monolithic and microservices architectures
  • Understand how monolithic and microservices architecture impact platform performance and brand competitiveness
  • Find out how microservices enable organisations to adapt their service offering to changing market demands
  • Recognise opportune times to migrate away from monolithic architecture
  • Understand the benefits of, and how to implement, a phased migration


Introducing the fourth module in our headless ecommerce programme: Monolithic to Microservices.

In the last module, we discussed the key components of a successfully planned and executed platform migration.

In this module, we begin to uncover some of the underlying principles of headless e-commerce, examining monolithic and microservices platform architectures. The former represents a widely adopted yet outdated framework. The latter provides an efficient and scalable solution fit-for-purpose in modern and future markets. Then, we detail the
necessary steps to achieve a successful transition between the two.

Learn the key differences between monolithic and microservices architecture, how these factors impact ecommerce service offerings, and how to implement a phased migration.

How could microservices architecture improve your brand’s agility? Could this improve your development team’s productivity?

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