APIs Enable Headless

Module 6 in the Headless Commerce Masterclass

Microservices, such as a CMS, search, PIM, and cart function, are sewn into a brand’s platform architecture by application programming interfaces, or APIs. With APIs playing such a crucial role in this environment, it is important that brands understand how to select solutions designed with an API-first approach, rather than those that have simply bolted on an API to a legacy system. Choosing truly cloud-native headless solutions enables your teams to spend less time doing the  undifferentiated heavy lifting, and more time innovating your digital proposition and growing your revenue streams.

Key takeaways

  • Learn the basics of what APIs are and how they work
  • Understand the crucial role that APIs play in headless ecommerce
  • Find out what needs to be considered to model an optimised API
  • Learn how to consume APIs in a manner that ensures functionality when accessed through various touchpoints
  • Find out how your organisation benefits from embracing APIs


Welcome to the sixth module in our headless ecommerce programme: APIs Enable Headless


In the previous module, we learned about headless technology, understanding that headless solutions rely on application programming interfaces (APIs) to communicate with one another.

In this module, we take a more technical step, exploring the logic behind APIs, and how they should be integrated into your digital architecture. We will introduce you to the two most widely used API specifications and explain their respective advantages and disadvantages, underlining the essential role that APIs play in headless ecommerce. Then, we will outline the components necessary for the successful creation and consumption of APIs.

Think about any potential benefits you can foresee from adopting a more modern platform architecture centred on microservices and APIs. What factors might you need to pay particular consideration to when modelling an API for your business capabilities?

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APIs Enable Headless is the sixth module of the Headless Commerce Masterclass. To download this and the rest of the Masterclass content please use the form provided.

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