Webinar: The Ultimate CMS Migration Blueprint

Considering switching to a new Content Management System (CMS) but unsure about the options and process? Tim McMillen and Storyblok’s VP of Marketing Thomas Peham discuss tips and methods to simplify your migration process.


Webinar Details

In our joint webinar with Storyblok, you’ll gain insights into the triggers that prompt organisations to migrate their CMS, effective strategies for planning the migration process, best practices for content migration while maintaining site integrity, handling design and technical aspects, and real-world case studies.

Our experts, Tim McMillen and Thomas Peham, will guide you through this journey, emphasizing the importance of digital maturity and providing practical advice. After this webinar, you should be well-equipped to successfully transition to a new CMS.

Date: 19th March

Time: 4pm CET / 3pm GMT

Learn about

  • The Triggers for CMS Migration
  • Planning Your Migration Strategy
  • Content Migration and SEO
  • Design and Technical Transition
  • Case Studies and Examples

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