Profound congratulates commercetools on taking headless leadership position

Next-generation ecommerce is here and we are delighted to see our partner, commercetools, achieve the leadership position their product deserves. Commercetools was named Leader for Headless Commerce in this recent report IDC MarketScape: Headless Digital Commerce

With rapid time-to-value and greater demand to deliver a compelling and consistent ecommerce experience, businesses today need digital partners to come to them with the best technology options. commercetools have made this easy, which is why so many major global brands have now adopted the system.

Headless” is the separation of the presentation layer (the front-end user experience) from the back-end systems which contain data, logic and content. The separation is handled via API integrations. What this means is that Marketers have more freedom to be as creative as they want to on the front end – in any channel and on any device. Meanwhile the IT folk can rely on a blistering fast, modern ecommerce system that is cloud-native, API first, more secure, easier to test and unconstrained by upgrade paths or concerns about front-end languages or designs.

John Pearson, Director at Profound commented “Our clients are looking for fast time to value and future-proof technologies that will serve any emerging customer experience need. These headless systems enable that, with the bonus of allowing POCs to de-risk the IT choice. When you couple that with our strong ethos on customer research and delivering a fully customer-evidenced ecommerce UX design, it quickly makes sense that combining the two delivers a very high impact, very fast.”

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