How to achieve faster digital success using headless CMS: education week launched by leading digital agency Profound

Basingstoke 2 March 2020: Digital agency Profound has launched a five-day education week from 2-6 March 2020 to help brands learn more about headless CMS. The objective of the education week is to show businesses the alternative approach to digital estate planning that delivers faster digital success.

“Digital champions in brands’ marketing, ecommerce and IT functions know they need a more agile and creative CMS to meet customer expectations and stay ahead of their competition,”

explains Tim McMillen, Director at Profound

“Support for the headless CMS approach has really taken hold within digital circles. But challenges still exist outside the digital world where a large proportion of non-tech heads think the traditional monolithic CMS is their only option. For too long brands have been locked into lengthy contracts with these old-style CMSs, even when this approach doesn’t suit their business’s needs. So, that’s why we’ve decided to run this campaign: to empower businesses by showing there is another way.”

Profound’s campaign will publish free educational resources every day to introduce those new to headless about what this alternative approach can deliver, how it works, and the benefits it provides. It will run across several channels and appear in a range of different formats to suit everyone’s needs, including blogs, infographics, whitepapers, videos and social media.

Profound’s Commercial Director John Pearson highlights:

“Providing this important educational information will help digital decision makers really get to grips with the headless approach. We want brands to understand the benefits headless offers, such as accelerated return on investment and simple facts like they can redesign their website in three months rather than twelve.”

Pearson concludes:

“Once a brand team truly understands how the headless approach works, they think about whether headless is the right choice for them. That’s not to say that monolithic CMSs are ineffective. Instead, we’re just trying to show brands that there’s another route to success – a faster route that centres around restructuring your digital estate.”

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