Profound is guest speaker at Microsoft UK Future Decoded event

Microsoft UK held their national Future Decoded event in London on 1st / 2nd November 2016. The event was attended by thousands of UK senior business and IT executives seeking the latest information on technologies and strategies to improve their business. High on the agenda was the huge advance made in understanding and harnessing the wealth of data now available to many organisations thanks to cheaper storage.

Matt Quinn, Technical Director at Profound and data insight expert, was invited to speak on cognitive data, machine learning and analytics – particularly for marketers to improve personalisation across their digital landscape.

His session attracted great interest as he highlighted the potential for Marketing and Digital staff to improve customer insight and improve personalisation. Whilst Google Analytics provides some useful aggregated statistics about your website, many organisations are failing to capture the raw data and leverage it by joining it with data inside their organisations (sitting in your CRM and transaction systems as well as the website) that can be intelligently harvested to better target your marketing efforts. He highlighted how machine learning is getting easier to leverage effectively and how a cognitive approach can help you advance your relationship management beyond “offers based on profiles” and move to a more predictive approach based on insight-driven, real-time recommendations. This also extends to the “Internet of Things”, where real-world data from devices and sensors is gathered to provide insight and drive appropriate actions.

Enabling much of this is Microsoft Azure – the powerful, secure cloud platform from Microsoft that includes advanced analytics, machine learning and a complete IOT Suite to help businesses evolve their strategies and increase competitiveness.

Matt Quinn commented: “It was great to be a participant at this year’s Future Decoded event. The quality and range of speakers was truly impressive and, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are proud to have a played a part showcasing how organisations can turn data insight in action.”

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profound is a digital design agency, a Microsoft Gold Partner for Azure Cloud Services, a Sitecore Customer Experience Management (CXM) Platform partner, and a Systems Integrator. This blend of talent de-risks and simplifies projects for for clients seeking a single point of contact across their web, mobile, cloud and integrated systems.

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