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Timing: Half day session

Autumn 2022 (finalised dates will be sent to you)

Central London (finalised venues will be sent to you)

What's it about?

MACH technologies (Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, Headless) are leading the way as the modern way to architect your digital estate for more agility, better customer experience – increasing speed, conversion and ease of adoption in new channels. Legacy monoliths are being replaced by more agile composable systems with a separated (headless) front-end experience.

But how do you effectively prepare your business for this? This session addresses that, with real-life experiences from Profound’s Practice Heads who implement these technologies, (no tech vendors will be present).

You’ll learn the methods, pitfalls-to-avoid and advantages this approach brings from the technology selection process to staying customer focused, change preparation, delivery, stakeholder management and post-launch optimisation.

Who should attend?

Heads of IT, Digital, and Ecommerce


We utilise a number of Central London venues and details will follow when venues are finalised.

Agenda Topics

  • Welcome: Making the Business Case for MACH
  • The Experience Opportunity
  • Can your business cope with MACH?
  • Partners and Technology: How to select the right mix
  • Making your first MACH project a success
  • Being successful post MACH transformation
  • Wrap up

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Ready to learn more about the world of MACH? Our Bootcamps are run as smaller, highly interactive sessions, limited to the Profound team and a max of 5 customers. These are ‘vendor free’ sessions, allowing us to make sure you get the most impartial and objective advice. Register here to be first in line for our next session.