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Transform your business so your brand can benefit from the unprecedented market shift towards ecommerce and digital that has been accelerated by the COVID-19 lockdown. Join our free webinar, enhancing your digital skills to gain new and retain existing customers.

With our partner commercetools, we are hosting the first webinar of our headless ecommerce professional development programme. Taking place on Wednesday 10 June from 11:00am to 12:00pm BST, ‘Retail commerce and digital innovation: how replatforming holds the keys’ will summarise the programme so far, answer your questions and enable you to engage with our experts and your peers.

Learn professional skills and engage with experts

Your Webinar 1 team is:

  • Neerav Shah, VP EMEA commercetools
  • John Pearson, Commercial Director, Profound
  • Tim McMillen, Director of Digital Delivery, Profound

John will introduce the wider professional skills programme and talk about the headless ecommerce masterclass planned for October. Then Tim will review the first two modules focusing on the key lessons and resulting actions you can take. The key themes will be digital innovation – especially in the new normal’s overcrowded markets – and replatforming.

Using CIMPRESS’ fascinating customer story, Neerav will explain how headless ecommerce solutions can be implemented in record time under incredibly challenging lockdown conditions.

Then we will tackle some of the questions and challenges you have encountered during the first weeks of the programme, followed by a group discussion.

Don’t worry if you’ve not signed up for modules 1 and 2 yet – you can access these modules and catch up when you register for the webinar.

Commit to innovation and transform your digital estate into a customer magnet

Competition between brands has never been fiercer, with retail focus shifting towards ecommerce and digital over the last decade. Markets have been shocked by disruptors and corporate incubators, who’ve invested in digital technology and used it to create more direct relationships with customers, using the channels customers want.

The impact of coronavirus and lockdown conditions has radically accelerated this shift, with more and more brands vying for the same revenue sources. If you want your brand to survive, you must adapt to this pace. However, keeping pace is only a starting point.

To go beyond survival, your brand must commit to the continuous improvement of the Customer Experience and commit to thinking of new ways you can innovate digitally to capture your audience. CX is set to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the end of 2020, so, a change of mindset will soon become a necessity.

Creating a replatforming strategy

Changing the way you think about digital and ecommerce often requires a change of strategy. And, a change of strategy usually requires new investment. Speed, agility and customisation are key drivers of digital innovation and your platform needs to have these capabilities, or else you won’t be able to exploit them. The first step in this process is taking stock and assessing whether your current platform can truly meet this criterion.

However, just because you must adapt to the new normal – the digital normal – it does not mean you need to copy your competitors’ strategies. In many senses, it actually means the opposite. You need to differentiate your brand and select the right platform and solutions for your business and customers’ needs.

As part of this process, you must design a carefully crafted strategy, with objectives agreed from the outset. These objectives will inform decisions and milestones throughout the transformation and help you gain and retain support for the initiative. Maintaining internal support and momentum is often the most challenging part of this process – so it is your job to convince your teams that the long term benefits outweigh the immediate costs and workload.

An effective replatforming strategy typically consists of three key stages:

  • Structuring a project team
  • Determining platform architecture and ecommerce solutions
  • Migrating to new systems

In Wednesday’s webinar, we will review these stages in more detail.

How our webinars guide your headless ecommerce strategy

Our webinars provide you with the opportunity to engage with digital experts and talk through your pain points, and any relevant case studies. This puts you firmly in the driving seat. Your replatforming strategy should be unique, and by interacting with our team, you can ask the questions directly relevant to your business and get the most out of the headless ecommerce programme.

You are not too late to sign up for our headless ecommerce professional development programme. Access modules 1 and 2 now and catch up before the first webinar on Wednesday 10 June.

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