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Flexible, agile, scalable, faster to deploy, delivering return on investment (ROI), futureproof and lower risk. These are just some of the benefits you will enjoy when you transform your business and brand by migrating to a microservices platform architecture. Join our free webinar on Wednesday and learn how to deliver a headless ecommerce platform powered by microservices, fit-for-purpose to meet challenges of modern commerce.

We have been collaborating with our partner, commercetools, to provide you with the second webinar of our headless ecommerce professional development programme. Taking place on Wednesday 1 July from 11:00am to 12:00pm BST, ‘Migrating to Microservices: taking the phased approach’ will analyse the programme’s latest modules within the wider context of headless ecommerce, and provide you with the opportunity to interact with our experts.

Learn professional digital skills through interactive learning

Your webinar 2 team is:

  • Tim McMillen, Director of Digital Delivery, Profound
  • James Dye, UK Business Director, commercetools

Tim will review the key lessons from modules 3 and 4, while you can ask questions in real-time. Module 3 explains how phasing your migration minimises disruption to business operations, and module 4 focuses on how microservices architecture delivers faster digital innovation.

Then, James will take you through two of commercetools’ compelling customer success stories, Burberry and LEGO. We often compare headless ecommerce with building LEGO because a phased migration allows you to build your digital estate the way you want to. So, it seems appropriate that we are using a LEGO case study to provide a more literal meaning to the analogy.

Phase your migration to avoid business disruption

Without expert assistance and knowledge, migrating from one platform to another is a challenging and risky process, leaving many individuals thinking ‘Where do I begin?”. In the past, decision-makers only had one option: a ‘big bang’ migration. This is where a new platform was built, often taking many months and sometimes years, and implemented in one go. Not only was this risky, but it was time-consuming; with deployments taking upwards of 12 months to deliver ROI.

But now you have options. A monolithic approach can still be the right strategy for a few brands. However, once you have recognised that migration is necessary, by adopting headless ecommerce microservices architecture you can make your platform futureproof without risking disruption, revenues and poor customer experiences.

This means creating a logical and phased implementation strategy. Start by prioritising your customer journey pain points. Then, assess which functionalities add the most value to your business. From here you can start streamlining underused functionalities, before optimising high-performing features.

Microservices deliver agility and scalability

In the early 2000s, monolithic architecture was the solution: it offered brands the opportunity to use a range of functions to perfectly exploit a new revenue-generating channel: the world wide web. And for a long time, this approach worked well.

But market demands have changed, and although this type of architecture offers many capabilities, its complex infrastructure has made it restrictive. Brands cannot leverage these capabilities because it takes development teams too long to make changes to the platform.

Microservices architecture enables businesses to break free of these restrictions. Separating the concerns of each function enables your developers to deliver updates faster. This means your marketers can make more creative and impactful changes to the front-end fast enough to benefit customers, and your sales.

How our interactive webinars guide your headless ecommerce strategy

Our webinars provide you with the opportunity to engage with experts to discuss your digital challenges. You can ask brand-specific questions and receive tailored answers – don’t be afraid to ask our experts these difficult questions, they’re ready to answer anything!


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