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we are a design agency

Experienced in both print and digital design, our creative team brings a mix of traditional graphic designers, illustrators and digital design experts together to form a versatile design agency that sits within profound. So, whether you want big, bold and beautiful or clean and simple – we can bring your ideas to life. Our projects often include a mix of branding, print and digital work for our clients, ensuring consistency across all mediums.

digital design

Websites, mobile apps, e-books, emails, social branding – anything digital that requires design we do. Our designers work very closely with the web developers, and some are front-end developers too, meaning that they are aware of the limitiations of the web and can design apropriately for it. Handy, as some wise guy once said something about learning rules before you can break them.

design for print

The creative team at profound has extensive print experience. From basic items such as business cards, to large format prints – we have done it all. Whilst we no longer dabble in the actual printing, we still design large format prints and stationery sets, whilst ensuring that all of the designs we produce are set-up for professional printing, ensuring no costly time wasting when you go to production.

let us help you deliver success

we are here for you

Do you have on-going design needs for your brand? If so we can support you with a retainer of design hours that can be used for digital and print work as required. We can also support you with on-going email communications, social media postings and lots of other creative fiddly bits that you don’t have the time to do. Our creative team also offer a combination of on and off-site services, ensuring that we are fully immersed in your brand for maximum impact.

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