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Writing is all about engaging the reader. Captivating them and guiding them to an understanding. Copywriting for web is all about keywords, optimal word counts, tone of voice and remembering if the branding guidelines stipulate a sentence case in titles, or not. Not forgetting to still engage the reader and push them along to a desired outcome.

Good copy takes time and often the copywriting holds up project delivery as it is often engaged late (if at all). As such, we have copywriters on hand to help put together engaging copy for digital mediums. Be it a website that needs strong optimised copy incorporating SEO techniques, or engaging sales copy for your next mail-shot. We also have a wide network of partners who specialise in everything from technical copy to blog writing to media campaigns (PR).

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Started a website project but forgot about the content? Haven’t updated your blog since 2014? Need to produce ongoing content around your products and services but just don’t have the words or the time? Our copywriting services are available on a retained or adhoc basis. We are able to support you in a range of ways, from full content marketing strategies to once-off pieces of work. So whether you need to say it in 140 characters, or 1400, we can help.

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