Module 2

Replatforming – why, what and how

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Module Summary

Replatforming is a major decision for any business requiring careful analysis and consideration. While this initial stage can be challenging, it is worth investing time and effort to create the best strategy for your business.

Topics covered in this module:

  • What is replatforming and why is it essential?
  • Establishing a project team and direction
  • Selecting platform architecture and ecommerce solution
  • Migrating to new solutions
  • Key considerations before replatforming
Module Summary


Replatforming underpins how well your business can adapt and improve. Getting this right is essential. Choosing a team, the architecture, ecommerce solution and migration strategy are your challenges.

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Our experts explore the key factors you should consider when replatforming, using a customer story showing how Cimpress launch a headless ecommerce solution across 14 of its brands.

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  • Learn how to create an effective transformation strategy
  • Recognise which stakeholders need to be included in your dedicated replatforming team
  • Learn how to retain your team’s support for your replatforming strategy
  • Understand how to select an architecture that best futureproofs your business
  • Gain an initial understanding of migration approaches

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