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Module Summary

During the last decade, we have seen retail focus shift towards ecommerce and digital. COVID-19 and the resulting lockdown has radically accelerated this shift. But adjusting to this pace is one thing, standing out from the crowd is another. 

Businesses that want to thrive, not just survive, must do more than adapt to the pace. They must innovate digitally; they must reimagine retail commerce

Topics covered in this module:

  • What is the new context, which has been accelerated by the changes resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Understand what has changed for traditional and digital commerce
  • Approaching ecommerce creatively
  • An introduction into how digital technology influences customer behaviour
  • Why creating unique Customer Experiences is essential
  • What, and more importantly who, to include in your action plan.
Module Summary

Reimagining Retail Commerce

First, you need to understand how the market has changed. Then you can start to plan your headless ecommerce strategy. Consider how new technologies, new competitors and new methods of service have disrupted the retail landscape. What can you do to differentiate your brand in this new environment?

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  • Understand the significance of Customer Experience in a highly competitive digital landscape
  • Consider ways you can innovate and differentiate your brand proposition from disruptors and competitors
  • Understand how new technologies and approaches can help you gain greater insight about customer behaviour and how to leverage this
  • Recognise how an API-first approach provides more freedom to innovate digitally

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